One of the most popular types of rolled metal products is rebar. Most often it is used in work with reinforced concrete, structures made of it are reinforced and strengthened. Thanks to the use of reinforcement, reinforced concrete acquires additional strength, lasts longer and becomes more reliable.
Reinforcement cannot be dispensed with in the case of reinforcement of the following building objects:

Delivery of products is carried out only on wholesale terms.


10,000 MDL - 1 ton


Диаметр арматуры Вес арматуры в 1 м (кг) Вес 1 хлыста арматуры 11,75 м (кг) Кол-во метров в 1 т. арматуры
6 мм0,232,74352
8 мм0,4094,82446
10 мм0,6387,491568
12 мм0,91910,81088
14 мм1,25 14,69800
16 мм1,63319,19612
18 мм2,06824,3484
20 мм2,55229,99392
22 мм3,06836,05326
25 мм3,98846,86251
28 мм5,00358,79200
32 мм6,53476,77153
36 мм8,2797,17121
40 мм10,21119,9798