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Cold-rolled (cold-rolled) steel sheet is obtained by applying the cold rolling method. According to GOST 19904-74, GOST 16523-97, sheet steel is manufactured with a thickness of no more than 4 mm. Manufacturing is carried out without heating, first the billet is rolled on the mill, then firing and tempering follows. Thanks to this technology, the strength properties are increased, the required microrelief is obtained on the surface, and at the same time the appearance of shear lines is prevented. This type of rental is in demand in the processing industry, in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. One of its main purposes is stamping of various parts and bending. It is a thin cold-rolled sheet that is used for the manufacture of corrugated metal sheets of corrugated board, including galvanized, roofing and wall profile sheets (galvanized or with a polymer coating). Due to such properties as high strength and energy intensity, cold-rolled sheet products are actively purchased by both enterprises and individuals.

The range of hot-rolled sheet steel is described by GOST 19903-74, according to which rolled products are made with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 160 mm - in sheets. Hot rolled coils are produced with a thickness of 1.2 mm to 12.0 mm. Accuracy of rolling is designated as follows: A - increased accuracy; B - normal. By flatness, four types of sheets are distinguished: especially high flatness - software; high - PV; improved - PU; normal - MON. By the nature of the edge, they are made either with an unedged edge - BUT, or with a trimmed one - O. There is one more parameter that should be considered when choosing a hot-rolled sheet - for heat treatment. Steel hot-smoked sheets are either without heat treatment, or heat treated - T (annealed, normalized, highly tempered).

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Лист холоднокатаныйВес одного метра квадратного м2 (кг)
Лист х/к 0.53,925
Лист х/к 0.64,71
Лист х/к 0.75,5
Лист х/к 0.86,28
Лист х/к 0.97,06
Лист х/к 1.07,85
Лист х/к 1.29,42
Лист х/к 1.410,99
Лист х/к 1.511,77
Лист х/к 1.814,13
Лист х/к 2.015,7
Лист х/к 2.519,62
Лист х/к 3.023,5
Лист х/к 3.527,47
Лист горячекатаныйВес одного метра квадратного м2 (кг)
Лист горячекатаный 1.511,77
Лист горячекатаный 2.015,7
Лист горячекатаный 2.519,62
Лист горячекатаный 3.023,5
Лист горячекатаный 4.031,4
Лист горячекатаный 5.039,25
Лист горячекатаный 6.047,1
Лист горячекатаный 8.062,8
Лист горячекатаный 10.078,5
Лист горячекатаный 12.094,2
Лист горячекатаный 14.0109,9
Лист горячекатаный 16.0125,6
Лист горячекатаный 18.0141,3
Лист горячекатаный 20.0157