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Hot-rolled steel hexagon is widely used in industrial, construction and mechanical engineering spheres, it is used as a blank for the production of fasteners and calibrated hexagons. The Metallinvest company offers high-quality hot-rolled hexagons from domestic manufacturers wholesale and retail at a favorable price.

Hot Rolled Hexagon Production and Characteristics

Hot-rolled hexagon (GOST 287988) is obtained by deforming a heated steel billet in a rolling mill:

ordinary carbonaceous;
high-quality carbon;
highly alloyed (heat-resistant or stainless).

With the help of heat treatment (quenching or tempering), hexagons of increased strength are obtained.
Hot rolled hexagon has normal (B-class) and increased (B-class) accuracy.
A hexagon is produced in rods with a diameter of 3 to 100 mm, a length of 200 to 600 cm, but at the request of the customer it is possible to cut into pieces from 1.5 to 12 m.
Permissible deviations along the length of the hexagon of measured or multiple measured lengths:

no more than 3 cm - with a length of up to 400 cm;
no more than 4 cm - with a length of 400-600 cm;
no more than 7 cm - for length> 600 cm.

The weight of one meter is from 60 g to 68 kg.
The cost of a hot rolled hexagon is relatively low due to the less expensive manufacturing technology.

Buy hot rolled hexagon

The Germes-Metal company sells hot-rolled hexagons produced at Russian metalwork factories and delivers them throughout the country and abroad.
Own metal warehouses in 15 regions of the country and 5 logistics centers in key transport hubs, the presence of access roads to the bases, a fleet of trucks allow the company to complete orders, ship and deliver goods to the client's address as soon as possible.

The price of hot rolled hexagons depends on:

product parameters;
batch size;
prompt delivery;
availability of additional services.

Delivery of products is carried out only on wholesale terms.



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