Steel pipes in Moldova Inexpensive wholesale GERMES-METAL.

Pipes are manufactured by longitudinal high-frequency welding, after which they pass all the necessary tests for bending, expansion, flattening, hydraulic pressure testing, and non-destructive testing of the welded seam.

Steel seamless hot-deformed pipes are also on sale. The products fully comply with all state quality standards. Please contact our managers for advice and discussion of all the terms of the deal.

Description and production technology of steel pipe:

The pipe has a very wide range of applications. It is used to transport various substances (water supply, sewerage, gas transportation systems) in construction (metal structures), as well as various machines and mechanisms. Today there is a wide variety of pipes of different sizes, shapes and made from different materials. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so for each area of application, some are more suitable and others less.

Profile steel pipes of rectangular section (GOST 8645-68)
Profile pipes of square section (GOST 8639-82)
Steel pipes of oval section (GOST 8642-68)


Delivery of products is carried out only on wholesale terms.